ASO Giraffe releases its experiment feature

June 7, 2020


When we originally built ASO Giraffe, the plan was simple. Make experimentation on the App Store available to many more app marketers. In the interests of speed, we decided to only build the web page part, making users responsible for building their own variants in Google Optimize and running their tests there as well.

This worked okay, but not great. Manually replacing assets in Google Optimize was a painful process, and many mobile marketers aren't as familiar with web-based concepts and tools, so digging around into HTML was too costly to drive great adoption. A few more adventurous users took a gamble on us, for which we're very grateful, and some of those are still around to this day.

To improve this experience, we then moved to building the variants with ASO Giraffe itself. This removed a lot of the painful part of interacting with Google Optimize, users could now make the variants in an interactive builder on ASO Giraffe, meaning all users needed to do was copy the URL for their variant over to Google Optimize. But still it wasn't too great. Interacting with Google Optimize was still a turn off (some users didn't even have a Google Analytics account!), and it added an extra level of complexity to the tool that made it unappealing.

New experiments feature

Now we're pleased to announce that you don't need to get involved with Google Optimize at all anymore - the whole process, from variant creation to experimentation, can be handled from within ASO Giraffe with our latest feature - experimentation.

Now you can load your page into ASO Giraffe, set up, run and get results for your experiments without going anywhere else, we've seen some great results from beta users already and can't wait for more people to see it!

If you want to find out more about how our experiment feature works under the hood, you can read into it in more depth in our blog post that breaks down how it works