Case Study - The Fabulous

December 4, 2021

The outcome

Through using ASO Giraffe, The Fabulous managed to

1. Enable a cross-platform testing approach that leveraged the differences between iOS and Android

2. Infused their product pages with a high performing brand identity

The objective

The Fabulous wanted more insights on App Store testing

The winning test

A single change saw a 25% improvement in conversion rate


The Fabulous team saw excellent results from their testing, improving conversion rates significantly and growing in confidence to test more significant changes, including settling on a brand-focussed design that also performed well.

We doubled down on these illustrations across different marketing verticals and it's been a super success so far. It allowed us the flexibility to play with our languaging/visuals within the world of wellbeing and that is resonating with people.

The Learnings

The biggest learning was that winners from the Play Store don't really translate to app store. They are different platforms with different audienc- es. Also, the App Preview really does play a large component in our over- all listing conversion.

It isn’t always about industry best practices. You really need to find what works for your brand and sometimes you have to go off path to discover this. For us, it meant switching up our Play Store to display illustrations that represent our brand than just product screenshots.

Find inspiration from other apps, but make sure you always have a piece of your own brand’s identity infused in what you end up experimenting with.

The Outcome

The Fabulous are an excellent example of the amazing results you can see when you commit to testing via a thorough, iterative approach. By leaving no stone unturned and continually pushing them- selves creatively, they’ve consistently improved their Product Page conversion performance, and demonstrated how effective this approach can be. With these results, they’ve improved the overall efficiency of their marketing campaigns and unlocked extra room to scale, and also found a creative approach that resonates with prospective users.