How to add Custom Product Pages to Search Ads Tests

January 27, 2022

Apple just announced that Custom Product Pages can now be used inside Apple Search Ads campaigns. Needless to say this is a big, extremely useful change for marketers, enabling unique product pages to be served to users as granular as on a per keyword basis.

There's more to be determined on how people will make use of these powerful tools, but let's discuss how to set up your first Custom Product Page test in Apple Search Ads.

Some important things to note: 

  • CPP testing is only available for Search Results tests (not on the search tab)
  • If you changed the app icon in the CPP, it may not appear in the preview
  • You can select one CPP per ad group

Starting from a fresh campaign: 

Visit your Apple Search Ads homepage and press 'Create Campaign'

Select your app and choose where your ads will run (only 'Search Results' campaigns are eligible for CPP testing)

Set up the test as you normally would, and then select to run a 'Custom' test in the Ad Creative section.

Choose your Custom Product Pages from the 'Ad Creative' section

Once you choose a custom text, you can select one of your CPPs and set the name to use for this test:

Select your CPP from this section and choose an ad name for it

Once you've selected your CPP, you can review it before starting your campaign:

Review your ad creative

And there you go! Happy testing