How to set up a Product Page Test - Product Page Optimization, Apple

December 14, 2021

Before you start your test

Make sure you are on the new submission process. You can do so here - and from our experience the approval time was almost immediate. You'll know it's working because you'll be able to see the new functionalities in the 'features' section of your ASC dashboard.

First thing's first, make sure you have your assets ready, with Product Page Optimization you can test:

  1. App icons (these must be submitted with app builds at release time)
  2. Screenshots
  3. App Previews
Your app's status must be in 'Ready for Sale' in order for its product page to be tested, and if you submit a new app version while a test is running, the test will automatically stop!

Setting up your test

With you activated account, go to your app page in App Store Connect, you'll see the 'In-App Purchases' section has now been replaced with 'Features'. Select 'Product Page Optimization' at the bottom

Select 'Product Page Optimization' to begin setting up your test

From this page, select 'Create Test', and you'll open a setup modal with some options:

Product Page Tests options are set up at this stage

From here you can see the following options:

  1. Reference Name - This is used to identify the test when monitoring results in App Analytics
  2. Number of Treatments - This is how many variants will be included in the test, not including your current store page, maximum 3
  3. Traffic Proportion - The percentage of users that will be randomly shown a variant instead of your original product page.
  4. Localizations - The localizations to include in the test, by default all localizations supported by your app are selected
  5. Estimate Your Test Duration - Here Apple use your app's existing performance data (e.g. impressions and new downloads) to generate an estimate of how long it might take to reach your goal)

Once these options are filled, you can press 'Create Test' to move on to setting up your treatments.

Setting up the treatments

Now you've selected your options and created the test, you'll be taken to your treatment setup page. By default the treatments are duplicated from your original product page

There's some important things to note at this stage:

  1. App icon, screenshots and previews can be edited here
  2. If you don't edit one of these three elements, the original product page metadata will be used
  3. App icons must be included in the app binary that is currently released
  4. If you are only changing the order of screenshots or previews, or just modifying the app icon, there will be no need to resubmit as the metadata is already approved
Set up your treatments on this screen

Testing icons

If you have additional icons in your app binary, you'll be able to see an additional section in the 'assets' screens:

Icon tests require you to have submitted an app release with icons in the app binary

Starting the test

As mentioned, if you have added screenshots or previews to your test, your app will need to go through App Review. If you are just moving metadata around or changing the icons it will not be necessary.

If you had added screenshots or previews you will be told the app is going through App Review:

Tests with screenshots or previews will need to go through App Review

Once the metadata is accepted by App Review, your Product Page Test will go live.