Introducing... Switcher by ASO Giraffe, the Best App Store Country Switcher

January 24, 2022

What is an App Store Country Switcher, and why would I want one?

If you didn't know already, Apple reviews are distinct by country, and every store front can be different depending on developer preferences. For that reason, App Store Marketers rely on App Store country switchers, small little tools that can change the country of your App Store, so that they can explore assets, reviews, search results, category rankings and more.

App Store Country Switchers are really useful for getting a better idea of how your app is looking in search for a given keyword, or compared to other competitors in key markets.

We've been looking for a better solution for App Store country switching for a while now, after struggling with slow loading web pages, tedious slideshows to run through every time, and bad UX on the existing solutions we've seen. So we figured, why not build one ourselves?!

What's the perfect App Store Switcher?

  • Native - to make use of iOS search functionality and be accessible quickly (without any 'downloadable web page' hacks)
  • Simple - you want to get to a new country as quickly as possible, not faff around with menus
  • User friendly - countries should be a touch away, and support search and quick access

And that's what we built! Download it now:

See it in action here: 

Country selection

Let us know how you find the Switcher, and if you have any questions you can reach out to us directly.