New in ASO Giraffe - Experiment Analytics and Google Play Support

October 4, 2020

Google Play Support

It's been in available in beta for a while, but we're pleased to announce that ASO Giraffe now supports testing on Google Play!

ASO Giraffe now supports Google Play pages

Whether it's your icon, screenshots, short description, you can now test all your Google Play

Got any questions about our Google Play integration? Get in touch with us via the chat and we'll be more than happy to help!

Experiment Analytics

We want users to get comprehensive insights from their pages, so they can figure out why variants are working, not just what works.

As a result we've shipped a number of additions to our page analytics, including:

  • Behavioural insights - how many users are converting, bouncing and exploring on each variant
  • Time on page - how long users are spending on pages
  • Scroll heatmaps - how far users are scrolling down pages
  • Screenshot interactions - how far users are swiping across screenshots, viewing each screenshot in full screen, how long they're spending on individual screenshots