What's new in ASO Giraffe? May 2021

October 20, 2021

New experiments section, billing management, and a few quality of life improvements

This month, we have a few great improvements and optimisations to share with you, that should make your experience of using ASO Giraffe easier, and provide you with a much better view of user interaction with the pages. You can also learn more about the changes by watching this video

New experiment view and analytics improvements

We've now released a major update to our experiment page view, that features:

  • A design that looks like it wasn't created in the early noughties (woo!)
  • Separating experiments for users with different pages via the switcher at the top left
  • More comprehensive screenshot analytics - we've rearchitected all our page analytics, changed how we calculate screenshot summaries and updated the way they're displayed to provide you with the best information possible on your experiments

Experiments processing improvements

We've made some improvements to this process so that wait times should be in a much more reasonable place, but we're also preparing some bigger fixes that we'll be working on soon.

Delete all screenshots button

We know how tedious it was to painstakingly hover and delete for every single screenshot when preparing a new variant. Now you can delete all the screenshots for a particular device size quickly and easily.

(coming soon - duplicate an existing variant, not just from the base page!)

New billing portal

We've integrated a new customer portal where you can:

  • Manage your subscription
  • Download your invoices

To generally make your experience handling billing more convenient and easy.

What's up next?

Coming up - we have two big things to tackle:

  1. Video analytics - we've always had the ability to upload and manage videos on pages, but we're preparing some big improvements to how videos look on the page and interact with our pages
  2. Localisation - we want to offer fully localised pages for the App Store and Google Play and that's what we'll be working on soon!