Page analytics, variant creation and notch support — New in ASO Giraffe!

November 2, 2019

We’re pleased to announce our biggest update yet — page analytics, a step change in the process of variant creation, and support for notch devices have been added. That will make testing pages a whole lot easier (and dare we say it, funner)!

Page analytics

One of the main pain points for users testing pages on ASO Giraffe was that they had to rely on Google Analytics for surfacing insights on the activity of their pages.
When you’re introducing a new step in your install conversion funnel, you want to make sure you get good information on your page consumption as well. In the past, to do this with ASO Giraffe required knowledge of Google Analytics and manual set up, which not everybody could do.
In response, we’ve now added a bunch of analytics information about page usage, including user opening the previews and how many users are reaching your reviews section. There’s plenty more coming, so keep an eye out!

Variant Creation

All your variants will now be created on ASO Giraffe itself. Previously, we gave you the base page and allowed you to make edits and optimisations via tools like Google Optimize. This worked, but it entailed quite a few steps, and also made the variant creation process very time consuming
Now, you can build all of your testing variations on ASO Giraffe (changing the title, subtitle, custom install URL for every variation and all assets) and get a unique URL for your variations. This URL can be used for a redirect test in Google Optimize, so no more need to fiddle with assets in Optimize!

Notch Support

We now fully support creating variants with separate 5.5' and 6.5' screenshots, built into the variant creation flow I mentioned previously.


Thanks so much to our early users for their support, and we’re really glad to be able to bring you this update! If you’re interested in using ASO Giraffe, please get in touch via the live chat on our website or email